Food and Drinks

There are three convivial squares full of bars and restaurants in Almere City Centre: Grote Markt (Market Square), Stationsplein (Station Square) and Belfort (our dedicated food and drinks square). Grab a cup of coffee in a hip café and enjoy a lunch in one of the sandwich bars. A friendly meal out right in the centre of the town is always possible.

Coffee and lunch hotspots

Fancy a yummy coffee To Go, or taking time out on a terrace? Hop on over to one of our favourite coffee hotspots in Almere City Centre. Enjoy the choice of various types of coffee such as cappuccino, ‘flat white’, frappuccino or a latte macchiato together with a delightful lunch.  

Enjoy Eating Out

Want to enjoy a lunch-time bite, or dine more extensively? Plenty to choose from in Almere City Centre! Take a look around our hospitality sectors such as Grote Markt, Belfort or Stationsplein. So much to choose from with plenty of different cuisines available. 

Where to get drinks

There are loads of cafes, pubs and lovely locations for sitting down to a drink. Make a whole pub-crawl of it and take a nice cocktail at every stop - or a wine, or a special beer. Do check out the food menus too because they’re all good. These are our favourite locations for getting a nice drink in Almere City Centre.