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ALLUMINOUS will be back in Almere during the autumn holidays. And everyone is welcome to visit our festival! ALLUMINOUS is a magical light art route around the Weerwater lake where art and theater come together. The route is 5 kilometers long and takes an average of 2 hours to walk.

ALLUMINOUS can be visited every evening during October 20 to 29, from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM. The festival is free, you don’t need a ticket.

ALLUMINOUS can be experienced on foot, by bicycle, and even by boat

Good to know is that the route was designed to be walked clockwise. The best way to experience the light art festival is by walking the route, but you can also choose to cycle. We developed a separate cycle route which include bicycle parking areas near the art installations. From there you walk a short distance to the artwork. New is the illuminated passenger boat that shuttles up and down between the Esplanade and Hortus. The shuttle boat is not only a complete light art experience in itself, but is also a good solution for anyone who wants to shorten the route. This way you can walk halve the ALLUMINOUS route and shuttle back by boat, or the other way around. You can buy a boat ticket on site, which is available at both sides, Esplanade and Hortus. Unfortunately, online reservations are not possible.

The ALLUMINOUS route is fully accessible to people with a mobility scooter as well!

Attention: From October 24th to October 30th, there will be no trains running to and from Almere Centrum. Buses will be provided at all stations in Almere during this period. Additionally, there are enough parking facilities for cars during the ALLUMINOUS light art festival. Please refer to the NS website for more information.


Combine ALLUMINOUS with dinner or drinks at one of the many restaurants and bars in Almere city center or enjoy the food trucks at the 3 catering squares along the route. There is live music at the catering square on Utopia Island provided by local Poppodium de Meester.

Light art with a twist

ALLUMINOUS came up with a new light festival concept where art and theater come together, with the city of Almere and the Weerwater lake as inspiration. ALLUMINOUS collaborates with Almere theater companies Vis à Vis, Suburbia, Gouden Haas and BonteHond. They all selected a talent from the theater scene who was then linked to an artist by ALLUMINOUS. These newformed duo’s create light art with more theatre, more experiment and more spectacle. Light art that can only be seen right here in Almere.

This year, partners Black Pencil ensemble, Flevoland's initiative Carte Blanche in collaboration with MOJO, Light Art Collection, M. and Circuloco are also joining the ALLUMINOUS program. Almere Partner TSR AV provides the magically illuminated route.

We hope to see you at ALLUMINOUS!

Artworks ALLUMINOUS 2023

During ALLUMINOUS, ten program components will appear along the Weerwater. The following eight artworks can be encountered on your ALLUMINOUS walk, ranging from large works on the water to technological installations in the forest at Lumièrepark, to massive installations on two of Almere's city beaches.

On this page, you will find an overview of all the beautiful artworks you will encounter along your route!

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Curious where exactly you can find which work of art, decide where you want to have a bite to eat, or see where it is best to park your car or bicycle?
View the map of ALLUMINOUS 2023 here!


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Plattegrond Alluminous Almere 2023


Frequently asked questions with corresponding answers about Alluminous can be found here.


Foodtrucks, live music & more

The light art experience becomes even more culinary this year! Enjoy a snack or a drink before or after the walk at the many cozy restaurants in the city center, or stroll by the food trucks along the route that want to treat you to something delicious for the journey. In addition to your taste buds being awakened during this light art festival, you will also be enchanted by various music performances. Every day, there are talented artists who will make your walk even more magical!

Are you curious for more information about the restaurant promotions, food trucks, and music performances? Then read on

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Specifically for the light art festival, T-shirts have been created for wearing during the event or as souvenirs. These T-shirts feature the beautiful light art piece "the cloud" at the iconic lighthouse. Two variants are available: a 'daytime shirt' showcasing the artwork, and a 'nighttime shirt' with fluorescent letters that glow in the dark. The first 100 shirts sold come with these fluorescent letters and are now available for €22.50,- each at the Tourist Information Center in Almere Centrum. Subsequently, regular shirts will be available at the same price. So, be sure to get yours quickly


For only 10 euros you can become a friend of ALLUMINOUS, support the festival, get a free drink and receive this year's collector's item pin.

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Become a volunteer

The first edition of light art festival ALLUMINOUS, could not have become the success it was, without the enthusiasm of so many great volunteers. For the coming edition of ALLUMINOUS, we are once more looking for volunteers who are excited to help us realize this unique festival. 

Do you want to be part of the ALLUMINOUS volunteer-team? Or are you a member of a club that would like to be part of this event, together with its members, in exchange for a contribution to the club cash register? Sign in!

We’re looking for volunteers to assist us in several capacities, such as: guest service support, traffic control, information host.

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Photography Call

We are calling all amateur photographers and Instagram stars! Send us your perfect ALLUMINOUS photo and we may use your photo as an official ALLUMINOUS image on our social media. Send your photo to with your name and email address) and who knows, you might be the unexpected but official ALLUMINOUS photographer this year.

A look back

Curious about the full program of ALLUMINOUS’ first edition in 2022? Watch the aftermovie and discover the artworks. 

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Become a sponsor

ALLUMINOUS is THE new network festival for the Almere business community. You can become a sponsor for as little as 500 euros and receive two invitations for the ALLUMINOUS business drinks gathering with a free festival tour and we will mention your company on the website.

Please download the folder if you are curious about the other sponsoring possibilities. 

Or contact partnerships manager Sandra van Beers to see what possibilities ALLUMINOUS has for your company.

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Blijf op de hoogte!

Meld je aan voor onze nieuwsbrief en blijf altijd op de hoogte van de laatste nieuwtjes in Almere Centrum!

Blijf op de hoogte!

Meld je aan voor onze nieuwsbrief en blijf altijd op de hoogte van de laatste nieuwtjes in Almere Centrum!